Comprehensive Early Autism Services (CEAS) is a behavioral consulting firm that provides intensive, individualized home-based ABA therapy (Applied Behavior Analysis) for children with autism and their families living in the Detroit area. It is the mission of CEAS to see each child that we work with reach their full potential in every area of development.

CEAS prides itself on having the expertise that comes from years of direct experience. We have over a decade of experience developing and implementing effective, high-quality ABA programs. Our programs draw on this expertise, while also relying on the ever growing body of research surrounding effective autism treatment.

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In the last 18 months… two research groups have released rigorous, systematic studies, providing the best evidence yet that in fact a small but reliable subset of children really do overcome autism.

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What Our Clients Say

I remember when I first met with the CEAS team in 2009. Our 2 1/2 year old daughter barely understood a word spoken to her. She also drew circles obsessively on any surface she could find, threw toys rather than played with them, and screamed at her baby sister incessantly. She had been in Early Intervention for 6 months and the amount of things she still didn’t know and couldn’t do seemed overwhelming...Read More

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